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Theatres in New York City - Public Theater and the Cherry Lane Theatre Research Paper

Theatres in New York City - Public Theater and the Cherry Lane Theatre - Research Paper Example The paper tells that among a variety of theaters in the New York City the Public Theater and the Cherry Lane Theatre of the New York City are very popular. The Public Theater was founded by Joseph Papp. He founded the theater as a Shakespeare Workshop. It is currently described as one of the most excellent cultural institutions of America. This has been the most important theater in New York City and also in the entire nation where all the voices, rhythms, societies, and cultures converged. The theater has been founded for the purpose of providing public platforms to the up-and-coming performers and dramatists. The theater has been opened at 425, Lafayette Street, East Village, Lower Manhattan (this place was formally known as the Astor library) with the world-premiere production and live performance of the famous American rock musical HAIR. This was the first show of this rock musical. Throughout the history the theater has been famous for producing several plays, musicals, and prod uctions based on William Shakespeare, and various other classics in its Lafayette Street headquarter. The theater has been nurtured under the leadership of Oskar Eustis, the famous Artistic Director, and Patrick Willingham, the famous Executive Director of the theater. During their leadership the theater has been emerged as the most crucial nurturing place for artists and audiences in relation to embrace the complexities of contemporary culture and society of the country. Under the leadership and guidance of Joseph Papp the theater has evolved as the most important place of enclosure and a forum of new ideas and views (History of Public Theater, 2012, p. 1). On the contrary, The Cherry Lane Theater opened in 1924 at 38, Commerce Street, Manhattan, New York City. The theater was founded by a group of theater artists in a factory of tobacco warehouse and box. But in the 1924, designer Cleon Throckmorton designed the structure of the theater and converted the tobacco factory into a the ater. This very structure of the theater is present till date. In 1998, the studio has been opened for new American work. Angelina Fiordellisi was the owner and the founder of the theater and helped a lot in the evolution process of the theater. Among these changes the most important one has been creation of the 60-seat black-box theater by Fiordellisi. This theater is the oldest and continuously-running theater in the New York City. This theater is an off-Broadway theater whereas the Public Theater is a Broadway theater (History of the Cherry Lane Theater, 2012, p. 1). Organizational structures and managerial positions: Both the theaters, the Public Theater and the Cherry Lane Theater are organized and managed by artists and dramatists. The Public Theater is organized by Joseph Papp, who was one of the most recognized theatrical producer as well as director of the country, till his death. During his time the theater achieved several successes and won various awards and prizes. He w as like the father figure of the theater and under his management the theater had been a significant place for both music and plays and this system of management is present in modern days also. The management type of the Public Theater is highly passionate about the development of the theatrical productions of the country

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The various economic concepts linked with the public policies and Essay

The various economic concepts linked with the public policies and income taxes - Essay Example This paper discusses that in U.S., the usage of local property taxes in financing school education has been criticized as unconstitutional, which generates inequalities in public education expenditures across states. The reason for this is as those districts that have larger property tax bases per pupil, can generate any amount of revenue from lower tax rates as compared to those districts having smaller tax bases. Therefore, it is easier for rich jurisdictions to raise revenue for public education than the poor jurisdictions. The State of Virginia finances the public schools through a combination of federal, state and local funds. Also, there is contribution of private sector through partnerships with schools and their divisions. State’s General Assembly is responsible for apportionment of state’s funds for public education, through Appropriations Act. The sources of funds are retail sales, state lottery proceeds, tax revenues and other sources. The Constitution of Vir ginia requires the Board of Education (BOE) to prepare SOQ (Standards of Quality) for public schools. SOQ is the minimum school educational program, the divisions must provide. The General Assembly revises SOQ, determines SOQ costs and apportions these costs between localities and state. Funding on a per pupil basis is provided through the accounts of basic aid, career and technical education, special education, English as a second language, remedial summer school, fringe benefits for funded positions and sales tax of 1.125% for public education... Funding on a per pupil basis is provided through the accounts of basic aid, career and technical education, special education, English as a second language, remedial summer school, fringe benefits for funded positions and sales tax of 1.125% for public education (Virginia DOE, 2011). Answer 2: Population & Per Capita Taxes The annual average cost per police officer is $30,000 for a small town. The population of the town is 1,000. The per capita cost of employing a police officer is $30. $30,000 ? 1,000 = $30 Table 1 shows the declining per capita cost of one police officer and increasing per capita taxes. The reason of such phenomenon can be understood as the population increases (column 1) and the costs per police officer remains stable the per capita costs will decline as the same costs can be assigned to increased number of people (column 3). Also, with the increase in population, the total tax collection will increase, although the per capita taxes will remain the same (column 7) if the tax rate is constant (column 6). The assumed tax rate is 30%. The costs of police officers are assumed to be financed by the revenues from taxes. Therefore, the remaining per capita taxes have increased with declining costs of per capita costs of police officer (column 8). Figure 1 shows the graphical presentation of these results. Table 1: Per Capita Taxes & Costs of Police Officer Figure 1 Answer 3: Valuation of Land Table 2: Market Price Calculation Rent Annuity $10,000.00 Market Rate of Interest 10% Market Price of Land $100,000.00 Â   Â   Property Tax 5% Annual Tax Value $5,000.00 After-Tax Market Value of Land $50,000.00 The market price of the land is calculated as ratio of the annual rent in perpetuity and the market interest rate. The market price

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Why I Want to Transfer to John Hopkins University Essay Example for Free

Why I Want to Transfer to John Hopkins University Essay My personal goals coincide with that of John Hopkins University—the focus on research and advancement of scholars. This kind of focus is something akin to my own passions, my involvements, and my interests in pursuing science and research. In addition to this, the University is really keen in ensuring that its students and its research are doing excellently. I arrived at my decision to transfer to John Hopkins based on several things. I have come across the testimonies of friends, as well as other colleagues regarding the promotion of excellence at John Hopkins. I also wanted to know for sure and that is why I conducted a research regarding the legacy of John Hopkins. I am amazed at the diversity of points of view and excellence in scholarship at the University. The University has been at the forefronts of the development in health sciences. For me, such a University challenges its students to give their best in meeting the standards and needs of the university. In keeping with the high standards of the University, I was also drawn to the names currently serving as faculty of the John Hopkins and their capabilities and leadership in their fields add greater momentum to the edge of the University in the field. It is a challenging environment, surely, but such challenge is necessary for the University to produce top quality graduates and practitioners in various fields. As for me, I want to belong to an institution with a proven track record and excellence in training its training for service in the broader society. I foresee that my will, my skills, and my capabilities will be put to the test, but my dedication to my chosen field will see me through.

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Summary and Analysis of The Monks Tale :: Canterbury Tales The Monks Tale Essays

Summary and Analysis of The Monk's Tale (The Canterbury Tales) Prologue to the Monk's Tale: When the tale of Melibee ended, the Host said that he'd give up a barrel of ale to have his wife hear the tale of Prudence and her patience, for she is an ill-tempered woman. The Host asks the narrator his name, and attempts to guess his profession  ­ perhaps a sexton or other such officer, or a wily governor. The Monk will tell the next tale, a series of tragedies. Analysis Chaucer uses the prologue to the Monk's Tale as one more opportunity for satiric, self-referential comedy. Within the story he is a necessarily opaque character. Significantly, the Host assumes that Chaucer is, at best, a mid-ranking government official and not an artist capable of constructing a landmark piece of literature such as the Canterbury Tales. The Monk's Tale: The Monk's Tale is not a strict narrative tale as are most of the other Canterbury Tales. Instead, it chronicles various historical characters who experience a fall from grace. The first of these is Lucifer, the fair angel who fell from heaven to hell. Next is Adam, the one man who was not born of original sin, but lost Paradise for all humanity. Samson fell from grace when he admitted his secret to his wife, who betrayed it to his enemies and then took another lover. Samson slew one thousand men with an ass's jawbone, then prayed for God to quench his thirst. From the jawbone's tooth sprung a well. He would have conquered the world if he had not told Delilah that his strength came from his refusal to cut his hair. Without this strength his enemies cut out Samson's eyes and imprisoned him. In the temple where Samson was kept he knocked down two of the pillars, killing himself and everyone else in the temple. The next tale is of Hercules, whose strength was unparalleled. He was finall y defeated when Deianera sent Hercules a poisoned shirt made by Nessus. The Monk then tells the tale of Nebuchadnezzar, the king of Babylon who had twice defeated Israel. The proud king constructed a large gold statue to which all must pray, or else be cast into a pit of flames. Yet when Daniel disobeyed the king, Nebuchadnezzar lost all dignity, acting like a great beast until God relieved him of his insanity. The next, Balthasar, the son of Nebuchadnezzar, also worshipped false idols, but fortune cast him down.

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Marketing for services

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Imagery Of Joseph Wiesel s Night - 1453 Words

Imagery of Dehumanization in Night Hate begins to grow, and in the case of the Holocaust, this incessant hatred led to the identification of all Jews, the deportation of millions of people from their homes, the concentration in the camps, and extermination of entire families and communities at once. For nearly a decade, Jews, prisoners-of-war, homosexuals, and the disabled were rounded up, sent off to camps, and systematically slaughtered in unimaginably inhumane ways. Elie Wiesel, a Holocaust survivor, shares his experiences at Auschwitz in the book Night, which reveals the true extent of inhumanity in both the Nazis and the Jews. In Elie Wiesel’s Night, Wiesel uses imagery of his experiences before and while being in the concentration camp in order to develop his theme of dehumanization of both the Jews and the Nazis during the Holocaust. The first instance of dehumanization of the Jews appears in the very beginning of the book, where Elie remembers the evenings he spent studying the cabbala with Moche the Be adle, who, â€Å"was as awkward as a clown. He made people smile, with his waiflike timidity. I loved his great, dreaming eyes, their gaze lost in the distance† (Wiesel 13). However, a day comes where Moche, a foreign Jew of Sighet, has to be expelled from the country. The Jews of Sighet, kept in the dark about the true intentions of the Nazis, are left to ponder the whereabouts of the expelled foreigners and quickly forget about them. But when Moche returns to the

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Halloween in France French-English Bilingual Story

This dialogue about French Halloween celebrations will help you practice your French vocabulary in context. La Fte de Halloween en France Camille parle avec Patricia, son amie amà ©ricaine qui habite en France. Patricia a une petite fille qui sappelle Angel et qui a le mà ªme à ¢ge que sa fille Leyla.Camille is speaking with her American friend Patricia friend who lives in France. Patricia has a little girl named Angel who is the same age as her daughter Leyla. PatriciaBonjour Camille, à §a va ?Hi Camille, how are you? CamilleSalut Patricia, oui, à §a va bien, et toi ?Hi Patricia, Im fine, thanks, and you? PatriciaÇa va, merci. Dis-moi, est-ce que vous faites quelque chose pour Halloween cette annà ©e ?Fine, thanks. Tell-me, are you doing something for Halloween this year? Des bonbons ou un sort ! Trick or treats in French CamilleNous, non, mais Leyla, oui. Son à ©cole organise une petite parade sur le port de Paimpol, et aprà ¨s, les enfants iront demander des bonbons ou un sort dans les rues.We dont, but Leyla does. Her school organizes a little parade on Paimpols harbor, and after, the kids will go trick or treating in the streets. PatriciaAh bon ? Je suis surprise, je nai jamais eu denfants qui venaient sonner chez moi le jour dHalloween. On fà ªte gà ©nà ©ralement Halloween en France ?Really? Im surprised, Ive never had kids ringing my doorbell on Halloween. Do you usually celebrate  Halloween in France? Halloween in France, a new Tradition? CamilleEt bien, à §a dà ©pend vraiment. Traditionnellement, non. On fà ªte la Toussaint, et les familles vont prier sur les  tombes de leurs morts. Cest donc un jour plutà ´t triste, consacrà © à   la prià ¨re et aux souvenirs des à ªtres aimà ©s qui nous ont quittà ©s.  Well, it really depends. Traditionally, we dont. We celebrate All Saints Day, and families pray on the tombs of  their dead. So its a rather sad  day, dedicated to prayer and remembering the loved ones who have left us. Et puis, depuis†¦ les annà ©es quatre-vingt  dix environ ? Halloween est devenu plus populaire en France, à   cause de linfluence des sà ©ries tà ©là © probablement. Les magasins et les grandes marques utilisent aussi limage dHalloween, les citrouilles, les squelettes etc†¦ pour leurs publicità ©s, donc, maintenant, les Franà §ais savent bien ce que cest, et certains commencent à   le fà ªter.  And then, since†¦ the nineties I think? Halloween has become more and more popular in France, because of the influence of sitcoms probably. Shops and trademarks use the images of Halloween,  pumpkins, skeletons etc†¦ in their ads, so now, French people know it well, and some even start to celebrate Halloween. PatriciaTu es dà ©jà   allà ©e à   une fà ªte dHalloween en France ?Have you ever been to a Halloween party in France? A French Costumed Halloween Party CamilleEn fait, oui ! Quand javais 20 ans, une amie qui allait souvent à   Londres à   organisà © une fà ªte dHalloween chez ses parents. Tout le monde à ©tait trà ¨s bien dà ©guisà © ; il y avait bien sà »r une tonne de vampires, un squelette et quelques zombies. Moi je navais pas de dà ©guisements chez moi, et pas dargent, alors je mà ©tais juste habillà ©e en blanc et javais accrochà ©Ã‚  une grosse araignà ©e en plastique sur mon dos†¦.Actually, I have! When I was 20, a girlfriend who often went to London organized a party at her parents. Everybody was really well dressed-up: there was a ton of vampires, a skeleton, and a few zombies. I didnt have any costume at home, and no money, so I just dressed in white and attached a big plastic spider on my back.   PatriciaEt bien moi, jadore Halloween. Cest une de mes fà ªtes prà ©fà ©rà ©e, et chaque annà ©e, nous faisions une grande fà ªte avec mes amis à   Boston. Ça me manque, alors je pense organiser une fà ªte le weekend daprà ¨s. Tu crois que à §a marchera ?As far as Im concerned, I love Halloween. Its one of my favorite  holidays, and each year, we used to organize a big party with my friends in Boston. I miss it, so I think were going to organize a party the following weekend. Do you think people will come? CamilleOui, jen suis sà »re. Les Franà §ais adorent se dà ©guiser et les adultes font souvent des fà ªtes costumà ©es pour le Nouvel An, ou un anniversaire†¦Ã‚  Yes, Im sure of it. French people love to dress up and adults often organize costumed parties for New Years or a birthday†¦ English Teachers in France Love Halloween PatriciaOui, et puis je pense faire des ateliers pour les enfants : sculpture de  citrouilles, peinture de visages, atelier danglais†¦ cest une bonne faà §on de leur apprendre du vocabulaire !Yes, and I was thinking of doing workshops for kids; pumpkin carving, face painting, English language workshops†¦ its a good way to teach them some vocabulary! CamilleCest ce que pensent beaucoup de professeurs de maternelle ici, et cest la raison pour laquelle la mairie et là ©cole de Paimpol organise un dà ©filà ©. Rien de tel que des   bonbons  pour motiver les enfants !  Thats what many elementary school teachers think, and its the reason why Paimpols city hall and school organize a parade. Nothing like candies to motivate kids!